Properly receiving a massage is an “art” that may take some practice to master. Follow the simple steps below to help make the most of your therapeutic experience.

Have a goal in mind – What do you hope to accomplish? Just want to relax and rejuvenate? Any specific problems or restrictions? If we know what you expect, we can deliver the most effective results.

Arrive early – 5-10 minutes before your appointment. This gives us time to talk about your session and any issues that need to be addressed. It will also allow you time to settle in and make yourself comfortable on the table.

Communicate – During treatment, let your therapist know if the massage pressure needs adjusting, or any other modification that could help enhance your experience.


Relax – With few exceptions, massages are passive for the client, and it’s important that you “let go” – mentally and physically – to realize the best results.

Enjoy the afterglow – you’ll have a few minutes after the session to enjoy the results of the therapy. Savor the results…let them sink in!

Think ahead – Talk to your therapist after treatment. We need your feedback to make the next session even more enjoyable. If you plan to return in the future it’s best to book your appointment then to best suit all of our schedules.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions:

Is massage safe?

For most clients, yes. For clients with medical issues and other health concerns, we reserve the right to evaluate, and possibly decline, treatment on a case-by-case basis.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, it is necessary to make an appointment before seeing one of our massage therapists.

Can I choose my therapist?

Absolutely, and you may choose between a male or female massage therapist based on your preference.

Will I have input on the type of therapy provided?
We offer many different massage treatments, and your suggestions and feedback are vital to the process.

Do you require draping?
Yes. Draping is part of the professional massage experience and is required at Essential Touch. You may wear whatever level of clothing with which you are comfortable.

Will my massage hurt?

Depending on the depth of your massage, you may experience a small amount of “good feeling” pain. This is perfectly normal.

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